The first meeting of the well-being group (20 January 2009)

After meeting each other and talking about what supports our well-being, we listed the things that we thought a well-being group might be or do:

  • Supporting each other to find our place in the family of things (people/nature/town)
  • Providing support to each other in person
  • Supporting the locality through a journey
  • Feeling, coming back to the body
  • The journey starts inside us – supporting this
  • Change is hard; finding ways to support people to help them take the 1st step, help people to know that change is possible, how to support continuing change, willingness, courage, preparedness
  • Energy holding
  • Helping facilitate other groups
  • Helping us keep our motivation and moving forward – sharing our separate stories to walk together
  • What does it mean for me to live a good sustainable life?
  • Reconnecting with people, place and nature
  • Space to explore + where feel safe to share how we really feel (not always positive, also our fears) – be honest/real, so can face cynicism
  • Psychology of transition
  • Being able to talk at a deeper level
  • Opening and including psyche in transition
  • Avoiding manic response of just doing things all the time – need to see how it affects us at all levels of being - look at underlying things, create a space to do this
  • Finding ways to access our full human potential
  • Seed swap – exchanging seeds of wisdom/knowledge
  • Practices not dependent on electricity
  • Making sense

We talked about what we would like to offer to the well-being group. Offers included: "focusing" work, Work that Reconnects workshops, talks, feedback and concept testing on a radio show, sauna, hot-tubs and sweat lodge, meditation, singing, a zen-style tea ceremony, a walk into the west, environmental constellations, embodiment sessions, inspiration, writing, reiki, organisation, advertising, discoveries through research, a documentary, creativity, enthusiasm, honesty, practical support, Hungarian folk music, cooking, tea-making, organising events and inviting speakers, and being with despair, dreams and chaos - amongst many others. Thank you everyone!

What people wanted to receive from the well-being group was also very inspiring. People said things like:

  • Being part of the group and getting support for setting up a local transition group in another country
  • Awakened companionship
  • Regular times to get together and share issues and feelings around transition, 1 to 1 and in the group
  • The support of being with others
  • Motivation and support to offer Work that Reconnects workshops in Cambridge
  • Sharing the journey with others at a deep and honest level
  • Support, space to “be”, space to explore inner aspects of self and pursue personal change and growth, stimulating and inspiring events
  • Support/reassurance, honesty, perspectives, ideas, feeling

So we have a fairly clear idea of what we'd like to create as a Well-Being Group!

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