Sustainability Hacking

The Sustainability Hacking group is a fairly new Transition group. A "hack" is a clever - or efficient - solution to a tricky problem.

Are you interested in applying your technical skills to Transition goals?

Have you been wanting to hook up your Arduino to some sensors to make a smart meter or dreaming of implementing an app to study local traffic patterns or to monitor your own petrol usage? Would you like to make a device that automatically waters your plants when the weather is hot? Do you like building things? Do you have far more innovative ideas for making things the existence of which more than makes up for the carbon footprint of their production and use?

Would you like to hang out with some like-minded folk? Or maybe find the basis for a start-up?

If this sounds interesting to you, contact Toni to say hi, and have a look at projects to join or add your own.

This group is in formation and is looking for co-coordinators.

Here's some more thoughts:

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