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Planned garden dates

Currently we are looking for a new coordinator, so our garden days are a little ad hoc, when we have time to organise them. Please get in touch if you'd like to be added to the garden mailing list or would like to help make our garden days happen more regularly! (We are also looking for someone to help keep this web-page up to date - please get in touch if you might be able to help with this!)

Latest news

June 2015 The garden is looking wonderful this year, thanks to Richard! We also had a community garden day in May when we planted some salad and veg and this is doing well too. There is a little bit of space left for some courgettes, which are yet to go in.

Sunday 2nd September - Garden Day - thanks to the mystery gardener who had already dug and tidied quite a lot of the garden, we were able to get on with digging over the nature area (trying to get out all the bindweed roots), digging up the potatoes, planting some more salad (last crop before winter now) and some general clearing up. The garden looks much better for it! The pears are almost ripe, and the courgettes and tomatoes have done well. Lots of people came by the garden for a chat, and we had some delicious cupcakes made by Stephen!
20th August - 2 hedgehogs spotted in the garden!

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