21st June – Recycling Champions were out in force to help launch the city council paper recycling campaign. We brought the Grand Arcade to a standstill with a flash mob for paper recycling. Paper is a really easy thing to recycle but last year Cambridge landfilled 2,000 tonnes of paper. Recycling this paper would have generated £80,000 to spend on local services. There is more information about paper recycling on the paper cut campaign webpage.

8th and 9th of June – Recycling Champions had a busy weekend with stalls at both the Arbury carnival and Town and Country show. Over the weekend we spoke to over 400 people about recycling.

Take It or Leave It – We’ve been encouraging reuse with stalls to allow people to drop off unwanted items at several events in May. Re-homed items included a picnic table, oars, a cot, bikes, prams and piles of clothes!

Items for swapping at the Thorpe Way Take It or Leave It

15th February - Promoting Re-cycling with Bi-cycling. We put out about 750 of these covers on students bikes with the recycle for Cambridge website, Facebook group and QR tag. The aim is to get more students recycling and aware of where they can get information about recycling. Look out for the covers around Cambridge!

One of the bike covers with recycling informaion

Anne and Vicky putting the covers out at the Sidgwick site

February - A WEEE Competition

Margaret and Ken promoting the electrical banks in Cherry Hinton

We've been promoting the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)recycling banks, with the chance to win prizes for using them up until the end of February. CDhampions have been out delivering leaflets and tags to promote the banks around Cambridge. The banks can take any item with a plug or battery that is smaller than 30cm x 30cm. You can find your nearest bank here:

17th November - A Crafty Charistmas

At our stall at Arbury Community Centre we had all sorts of festive ideas for crafty reuse to inspire people to think a bit more about what they use this Christmas.

From the left: Newton, Leila, Ida and Anne

28th/29th September 2012 - at the Grafton Centre for Live Green, Shop Green and Save

From the left: Leila, mayor Sheila Stuart and Ida

Our stall, decorated with the pennants made in July.

27th July 2012 - Olympics at the Field's Children Centre Not the other olympics - our olympics. Children aged 3-8 years old made pennants for our banner and played games such as putting the rubbish into the (right) box while we reminded their parents about the changes in rubbish collections starting 30th July.

Ida, Sylvie and Anne show off the pennants the children made. The one on the left says 'we love recycling'. In the background you can see they have also made olympic torches and medals.

Max enjoyed clearing up the picnic with a proper litter picker.

19th June 2012 - Arbury Carnival
The recycling champions stall was kept continuously busy. Children enjoyed folding newspaper into plant pots and sowing seeds, adults were bemused by the 'bag of rubbish' and everyone loved our colourful banner.

31st March 2011 Meat - Using every bit!

14th April 2011 Family Food Fair

28th April 2011 Lovely Leftovers (cooking demonstration)

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