Transition Narratives

Welcome to a new sort of Transition subgroup - one where you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home to participate. As you can see, it's called "Narratives". The aim is to develop interesting and enticing views of a sustainable world that challenge the current unsustainable status quo. Like it or not we live in a society that is predicated on Myths, those that influence our world view. Myths such as "Buying things will make you happy", or "the World can keep on growing". They are promoted by a mindset that benefits from their propagation. Either within ourselves or from those who profit directly. But these myths can't last.

So we need to develop alternatives. Call them Myths or Narratives. It doesn't really matter. The aim is to be truthful and that means some may be uncomfortable - for the future is uncertain and may not all be pleasant. But that's OK, for however it turns out, we will be better prepared if in writing the Future we are honest and we care.

So why not play a part and send us your Narrative, using the form below, with or without an attachment. It can be about anything. All contributions will be uploaded onto this page to share with others. They can be in any form, such as stories, poems, pictures or even just comments. Please share them with us.

For further reading on this subject try the following links:, or, if you are willing to view the darker side, then try

But we want to start off in a more light-hearted vein. So here is the first contribution:
Taking my slice (Martin, May 2011)

And another:
Vote for Autocracy! (Martin, June 2011)

I said that some of these posts may not be easy reading, so if you want something lighter then please send it. The First Cut (Martin, June2 2011)

I'm not proud. I can understand why no one wants to respond to my pleas and submit their own post. But the upshot is that you just get more of mine. So here's another... Just Desserts (Martin, February 2013)

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