Transition Tales and Visions

After months of preparation, the Transition Tales and Visions event on 25 April was a great success, with five wonderful stories, followed by some really interesting and innovative artwork depicting a world with less oil - there are lots more pictures from the event here!

Since then we've run two more events in June and November 2009. If you'd like us to come along to your school, fete or some other event, please do get in touch! The current Tales and Visions team consists of Kati, Rowan, Bev, Salli, Marion and Anna. If you'd like to get involved, we'd love to hear from you!

The stories

Marion started us off with a story about a king who couldn't satisfy his hunger, until he finally ate even himself. We then travelled to Kalimantan in Indonesia with Alka, who told the true story of a man who has recreated enough rainforest for orangutans to live in, after their forest homes have been destroyed. Kati followed with a story about an emperor who wanted to control his world, but ended up stifling it until he realised that nature needs the sun and the rain in order to thrive. Anna then told the story of oil, leading into a description of the purpose of Transition and why we were there. Rowan rounded the storytelling off with a vision of the future in which two children get up to various adventures before their Dad's birthday party and the ceremonial turning on of the neighbourhood anaerobic digester.

The visions

In the second half of the afternoon, we all went on a journey into the future in our rickety old timeship, with Salli at the controls. We landed in 2039 and had a good look around, before thinking about what we'd like to take back as a souvenir to 2009. We then had about three quarters of an hour to make our souvenir or postcard from the future, before we headed back to our timeship and back to 2009.

The future visions were truly inspiring, from a forest house that people could live in while the tree was still alive and growing, to a sunhat that doubled up as a battery-recharger, models of future housing with solar panelled walls and allotments on their rooves, forest gardens full of trees, greenhouses and windmills, community areas with everything you needed available locally including ponds for fish, roof top gardens with solar powered hot-tubs, permaculture gardens with shiny happy people in colourful houses, and many other wonderful creations. See some of them here (many thanks to Finlay, Nicola and John for taking these photos). The future was full of hope, fun, community, novelty, and inspiration, and there was a really positive feeling in the room. Everyone really enjoyed themselves!

The story of the hungry King

The story of the anaerobic digester

Our Mission

Transition Cambridge aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are more resilient in the face of rising energy prices and a changing climate.

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