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You can send in your short story either as an individual or, if you are under 18 and in primary or secondary education, through your school, in which case the school will also receive a prize if you win (this does not reduce your own winnings).

Electronic submission

Please send your story on or before 30 April in either Microsoft Word (doc) or pdf format, using the links on the right. If you are entering as an individual, click here. If you are entering through your school, click here.

Submission Links

Enter as an individual
Enter through a school
Submit story with entry number

You will be asked for your name, address, e-mail, telephone number (optional) and date of birth. If you are submitting through your school, you do not need to give your own address or email but please give the school name and address and the name and email of a teacher we can contact. This information is purely for the administration of the competition and we will not use any of these details for any other purposes unless you win a prize, in which case we will use your name, age if under 18, and school name to announce your success.

You will receive acknowledgement of your entry by email.

Postal submission

Alternatively you can send your story by post to:

Transition Cambridge Story-Writing Competition
c/o Facilitate
St John's Innovation Centre
Cowley Road

although electronic submission is preferred! Please print off and fill in the entry form for individuals or through a school. If you would like acknowledgement please send us a stamped and addressed reply card with your story and if you would like the script returned please also include a stamped and addressed envelope of sufficient size.

Formatting your story

Even if you are submitting in digital form, please format your text with at least 1.5 lines spacing. Also, each page should be headed with the page number and either your name and date of birth or your entry number, which we will send you when we receive your entry form.

If there is any possibility that any of the judges or organisers might know you, or if you prefer for any reason, then do not put your name on the story file - use an entry number.


The winners will be notified by telephone or email by on or before 11th June and invited to the award ceremony on 23rd June, which will be in Cambridge. This will be a public event and there will be pictures taken and published on our website and in news media.


Your story must be no longer than 2500 words, or 1500 words if you are under 14.

To enter you must live, work or attend school, college or university within 20 miles of Cambridge.

You must not submit more than one story.

Your story must be original and entirely your own work. You must not copy tracts from other authors or infringe anyone else's copyright. You can, of course, ask your friends to review your story and then decide whether or how to change it based on their comments, but you must not let them rewrite it for you.

Judges (including sifters!), organisers and their families may not enter the competition.


By entering your story you are giving Transition Cambridge permission to publish it on our website, in a book (if we are able to publish one) and to use it in other publicity with your name as attribution, free of any royalty or other fees. You will however retain the copyright and you can use it for your own purposes however you like.

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