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Fun little videos

Short little introduction to peak oil, as a cartoon with sounds track (2 minutes approximately). Excellent for use in talks presenting what peak oil is all about.

Here's a great little video about climate change (it's pretty scary, but wait till the end for the more positive bit).


There are now quite a few good films that are useful introductions to different aspects of Transition. The following is an incomplete list - we hope to add more over the next few weeks. We have many of these films if you would like to borrow them - these are marked "availabe from TC" below (you will also need to check for the licence conditions).

  • The Powerdown show (available from TC): Free for Transition towns to show, no licence needed.
  • The Power of Community - How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (available from TC): whenever we ask them, they are happy for us to show this without needing a special licence.
  • In Transition (available from TC): No licence needed when shown as part of Transition Cambridge
  • In Transition 2.0 (available from TC): We pay 50 to the film makers when we show this as part of Transition Cambridge.
  • The Economics of Happiness (available from TC): You need to check licence permissions with the film-makers.
  • No Impact Man: You need to check licence permissions with the film-makers.
  • The Turning Point (available from TC): More info about this film here:; the makers are happy for people to show this and ask for donations to cover production costs - see their web-site.
  • A Convenient Truth: A story of hope from Curitiba, Brazil. An important film about a marvellous city and its people called Curitiba where the problems of poverty, seasonal flooding, waste, transport and slums have been solved with little money but much political will and many ground breaking ideas. Expensive to buy the licence to show it.
  • Garbage warrior
    About alternative ways of building, featuring Earthships. Tom Lord writes: "It's basically about an American architect's work to use discarded materials such as cans, bottles and tyres to build amazing self-sustaining homes called Earthships, which are off-grid with no link to the local power, water, gas or sewage supplies, and no proper roads - at first in New Mexico where he lives, and after coming to blows with the local legislature, using his skills to help victims of natural disasters in the Andaman Islands and Mexico. The key themes are planning for peak oil and climate change, and releasing human ingenuity to plan for the future. The film was nominated for best british documentary in the 2007 british film awards, and the 2007 kyoto planet climate for change awards. There's a website about the film at

Hard-hitting films

These are not suitable for the faint-hearted, and tend to shock people rather than inspiring them to act, so we don't show these as part of Transition.

  • The Age of Stupid (available from TC): Quite expensive to buy the licence (about 100).
  • The End of Suburbia - Oil depletion and the collapse of an American Dream (available from TC): A documentary film that discusses the dwindling supply of cheap energy in the form of fossil fuels and its effect on society and what can be done NOW, individually and collectively, to avoid The End of Suburbia?

More films

  • The 11th Hour: Produced and presented by Leonardo DiCaprio, The Eleventh Hour is a powerful and inspiring environmental documentary, motivating audiences to take personal action against global warming and informing them about practical ways of doing so.
  • The Future of Food: An excellent wake up call to remind us why we are striving for a sustainable future and why our choices as consumers are so important.

There are lots more, we're still putting this web-page together!

Archive from an old version of this page

The following films are available for borrowing and/or can be viewed on-line. We also have this page about films - we will try to put these two pages together some time soon - any help much appreciated (and we actually have lots more films than this now, we just need some help putting them up here).

The Power of Communityhow Cuba managed during the US oil embargo - their own, rather sudden, Peak Oil event
In Transition and In Transition 2.0Produced by the Transition Network, this includes clips of what transition initiatives are up to all over the world
The Powerdown ShowA series of 10 documentaries (20 minutes each) covering all aspects of powerdown in a positive fun way
The Turning PointA film about a community in Scotland making the Transition
A Convenient Truthcity planning solutions for transport, recycling etc. from Curitiba, Brazil
The End of Suburbiaoil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream
A farm for the futureA fantastic film made by Rebecca Hosking about farming sustainably in Devon

We actually have a lot more than this - we hope to add to this page soon. We'd love some help entering the information if you have time!

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