Physical Resources

Transition resources available for borrowing

Office equipment

  • Laminator and envelopes (A4 and A3) for posters etc. (contact Nicola)
  • Transition Library (now at Daily Bread Co-op)
  • Set of 3 Transition Handbooks: The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins; Local Money by Peter North; Communities Councils and a Low Carbon Future by Alexis Rowell. To borrow any or all, please contact Jacky)

The following items are available for use at Transition stalls and events. Please contact the relevant people to organise to get them. You will also need to book them out here (just to make sure that two different groups don't need them at the same time).

Stored at Midsummer Energy (contact Jacky) unless otherwise stated

  • Large gazebo (4.5m x 5m approx).
  • Small gazebo (3x3m approx)
    • both have sides, pegs etc but please check you have all you need before the event.
  • 2 fold out tables for stalls.
  • Sound system (microphone, loudspeaker, sound board, roving mic).
  • An A-board (easel) for signposting events, with blackboard and chalk.
  • Small fold out seat

For stalls and shows, we now have a bike-friendly bag with leaflets, table cloth and display materials, and a larger box with other bits and pieces in it. All stored at The Cambridge Cheese Company office (contact Jacky)

  • Stall Kit Bag - contents list here
  • Supplementary Kit Box (includes First Aid Kit (recommended for all events where people are doing things) contents list here

These items tend to move around: contact Nicola, Jacky or Liz to find out who has what at the time unless otherwise stated.

  • Feather banner (indoors or outdoors)
  • Pullup stand for indoor events only (contact Nicola). This is good for displaying posters and pictures. They need velcro hooks which we have a strip of.
  • Projector and projection screen (contact Anna).
  • Name tag holders from Nicola.
  • Apple press and scratter (contact Liz).
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