Designing a Poster

Poster design is not as hard as you might thing - though making it look really good takes time and experience. Here is a checklist for what to put on the poster, and some other tips.

Checklist for what to put on a poster for an event.

  • Event name
  • Date, time (including duration) and venue
  • Pricing. We usually say something like 'Free entry, donations welcome'
  • Web reference or contact for more information - ask an administrator for a short url that redirects to your event page.
  • Transition Cambridge logo
  • 'A non-profit organisation' or something like that, to show people that we are not commercial.
  • A short description of your event, explaining why someone should come to it.
    • List of speakers if relevant

Other tips

  • Use colour to make it eye catching.
  • Use pictures with people in, to make it look friendly and welcoming
  • Keep text concise and make sure the text is clearly legible. The event name, in particular, must be readable from a distance.
    • Put text in boxes with a clear or contrasting background for maximum legibility.
  • Put the event title near the top of the poster.

Here are some example posters that we think are good.

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