A Local Currency for Cambridge

A local currency for Cambridge?

On 31st May we had a cafe night on "Local currencies and how to make them valuable" with Stephen Lawrence, who started us off with a general description of how money and currencies work. We agreed to meet up again in the next couple of weeks to think about where to go next with the idea for a local currency. If you'd like to come along to our next meetings, please get in touch!

Some notes on local currencies...

Other towns that have already got a local currency include Totnes, Lewes, Brixton and Stroud. Transition Lewes have produced a free How-to guide, available here. The author of this report, Oliver Dudok van Heel, can also be seen here in this 30 minute video where he talks about Local Currencies, Transition and the Lewes Pound. There is a also a Transition book entitled Local Money (we have some of these to sell if you are interested - e-mail us here).


Our Mission

Transition Cambridge aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are more resilient in the face of rising energy prices and a changing climate.

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