Discussion about ways forward for Transition Cambridge (24 Sept 2020)

7:30pm, 24 Sept 2020, Ross Street Community Centre

Since we started over 10 years ago, we have created and contributed to several local projects. While the transition to sustainability is as relevant today as it was when we started, there are now many other groups focusing on overlapping issues. We feel we've reached a point where we need to consider the future of Transition Cambridge. This includes whether Transition Cambridge is still needed in Cambridge, and if so, how we can best organise ourselves and what projects we should aim to be involved in.

Currently it seems that TC has 3 options:

  • to continue as we are, evolving gradually;
  • to close, either now or in the near future, with existing projects either continuing on their own or finding homes with other organisations;
  • or to evolve into a new organisation under a new name and with different aims and structure.

Having chatted with several people, we think we should be able to continue running at the moment. This will give us time to evolve gradually, if that is what we all decide is best for TC at these meetings. You can see our current activities here.

Please let Anna know your thoughts and ideas before the meeting (by Monday 21st Sept), and I will try to put together some kind of an agenda/set of discussion topics for us to focus on.

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