Transition Cambridge AGM 2016

Thanks to everyone who came to the AGM. We hope you enjoyed it. You can download the draft minutes here and the Annual Report (including Treasurer's Report) here (13 Mb).

Monday October 3rd at 7:20pm, Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane in the upstairs meeting room.

This year the agenda will include

  • Groups poster session
  • AGM formal business (see below)
  • Viewpoints from group members
  • Brainstorming session about next steps for Transition Cambridge
  • Tea and cake (donations of cake will be very welcome)

This year, rather than ask every group to race through their report in 3 minutes flat we have asked a few members to give a personal viewpoint of up to 5 minutes. Elena (who organised the Referendum Cafe), Charlotte Synge (of Empty Common Community Garden, Dawn Purves (Staying Dry), Ben Damet (Cropshare), Kate Bournsell (Repair Cafe) and Nicola Terry (Energy group) have promised to take part. The group reports will be shown as posters which you are invited to look at before we start and during tea. There will be a representative of each group to answer questions.

The AGM is one of the best events of the year because you get such a good mix of people and you get to hear amazing stories from all the groups- Nicola Terry

For the formal business, only Transition Cambridge members can vote (friends are invited to observe).

The Agenda

  • 7.20pm - Doors open. Groups poster session
  • 7:35pm - Welcome and introductions
  • 7.40pm - AGM formal business accepting minutes from last year's AGM, electing officers, presentation and adoption of accounts.
  • 8.10pm - Viewpoints from members
  • 8:40pm - Looking to the future - visioning our goals and next steps
  • 9:10pm Close and refreshments
  • 9:50pm Finish, tidy and leave by 10.

Formal Business

  • Minutes from last AGM to be approved
  • Audited accounts from Martin Roach, TC Treasurer, to be approved
  • Election of Officers (current officers are Chairperson: Jacky Sutton-Adam; Secretary: Nicola Terry; Treasurer: Martin Roach) but Martin is standing down so we need a new treasurer
  • Any other business: items will be limited to 10 minutes including discussion, and possibly less if there are several items; therefore presentation of the issue will be limited to 2 minutes, to allow time for discussion and a decision if one is necessary. Please let us know by Monday 26 September if you would like us to discuss something during this part of the meeting.
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