Thermal Images from houses in Cambridge

I (Nicola) took these pictures with a FLIR B50 camera, resolution 140x140 pixels, sensitivity 0.1C, hired from Thermascan Ltd in Jan 2009. I looked at about 10 houses in Cambridge. Here is a selection of the results.

The numbers on the pictures are temperatures in Centrigrade and although the absolute values are highly suspect the differences between spots in one picture should be reasonably accurate.

Front of house from the outside, showing heat leaking out behind radiators under the windows. This house had single brick walls and really needs reflective foil behind the radiators. It is not so important for houses with cavity walls and insulation

picture of house with heat leaking from behind radiators

This house does have radiator foil installed

picture of house

Conservatory door with defective draught insulation

Ceiling below loft: only minor leakage here but clearly dodgy insulation

Another ceiling below a loft: This cold patch turned out to be because the insulation in the loft had been folded back. We have no idea why.

Ceiling below a flat roof: it turned out that there was fibreglass between the joists but it had been poorly laid in these areas.

A section of sloping wall under the eaves showing inadequate insulation

Another sloping wall under eaves which is mostly insulated but it looks to have blown up in places

A front door showing more defective draught insulation

Another front door with letter box showing draughts leaking out from the side as well as the front

Cold air dropping down from a vent. This flat had at least one vent in every room. Is this really necessary or can smaller vents be installed?

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