A Sharing Feast of Song and Liberated Food

You can download this poster here - please put one up if you are able to!

A Sharing Feast of Song and Liberated Food

Saturday 19th March, 7pm
St Paul's Church, Hill's Road

An event to celebrate the joys: of spring, of Transition Cambridge, of FoodCycle, of great singing, of our projects and hopes. This event hopes to bring together delicious local food, some wonderful singers, and the songs and toasts of the Georgian 'Supra' tradition. The conversation will be rich in all that is being done and shared, the food will be great fresh produce, some donated direct from local farmers, most that would otherwise have not been used. There will be singing from our superb local community choir ‘Resound’. And trios of singers from local and London Georgian choirs will be offering to us the rich and wonderful harmonies of Georgian singing. The food will be prepared by lots of wonderful FoodCycle volunteers, who are putting together a Georgian menu of vegan food. There will also be a bar serving drinks (by donation); you are also welcome to bring a bottle. So we hope you can come for a great convivial and fun evening!

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Please note that £12 covers the basic cost of the event, and we would very much welcome donations above this basic cost in order to raise money for Transition Cambridge and Cambridge FoodCycle (all profits from the event will be shared equally between Transition Cambridge and Cambridge FoodCycle).

Dress code and crockery!

If you would like to dress up in Georgian style, you will be very welcome, but only if you feel like it! (Google provides some images here but we realise this may be a bit much for most people!).

And if you'd like to bring your own crockery (plate/bowl/glass/cutlery) that would also be great, but we will be buying some biodegradable ones too.

Poster for the event

Here's the poster (pdf file, 1.8MB) if you're able to put it up somewhere - thanks! If you have trouble opening this file, here is an alternative version (jpeg) of the poster. Special thanks to Roly Beever for designing the poster!

Help spread the word on social media!

You can see our facebook event here or follow us on twitter here @TransitionCambs.

Could you lend a hand on the night?

We will need lots of volunteers to help on the night! Please get in touch if you would like to do this - thanks!

Organised by Transition Cambridge and Cambridge FoodCycle.

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