Regional Wind Power

The East of England is way behind target in on-shore wind capacity1

  • Only 16% of onshore wind applications approved in the East of England, cf 36% UK average2
  • Do you know of planning applications which need support?

Why we like wind:

  • Wind has argably the greatest potential of all the renewables (in this country)
  • Wind power has minimal environmental impact
  • Onshore wind is best value for money of all renewables
    • Offshore is more expensive and needs extra subsidy
    • Energy from waste can be cheaper but has limited potential

We are looking for a amall demonstration project in a village we could support

  • A second hand 5 kW turbine is available
  • The whole project would probably cost less than £20,000

For group members: Swavesey Village College project

1 from Renewables East: East of England Renewable Energy Statistics Dec 2008

2 approved projects over applications, by MW, for 3 years to April 2009 from BWEA: Englandís Regional Renewable Energy Targets: Progress Report

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