Recycling Used Cooking Oil

Restaurants and kitchens usually dispose of their waste oil through companies which use it as fuel for power generation. You can do this with oil from your domestic kitchen too - but you have to take it to a county recycling centre (our nearest are Milton or Thriplow). What do you do with your waste oil?* - and how much do you have? Would you take it to a local recycling point if one were available? How local would that have to be?

There is an initiative starting out near Luton which aims to run a scheme turning domestic waste cooking oil into biofuel for heating homes and driving cars. The scheme will rely on home owners taking their oil to local collection points, (and then buying the biodiesel produced at local outlets). What a great way to make use of local resources!

If this scheme succeeds, maybe we could do something similar here. What do you think? Email Nicola.

*It is better to put in a container and into the black bin than to pour it down the drain. Water treatment plants don't get on well with oily water.

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