Rooftop PV cells - for rent

A proposal: PV has huge potential in cities but

  • high capital cost
  • even with feed-in-tariff payback times 10-15 years: at current electricity prices
    • that's too long for commercial business

Our idea is to set up a company which will buy PV equipment and rent it to business, ideally with easy access flat roofs. This makes the finance easier by spreading the cost:

  • for businesses - spread the cost by renting PV rather than investing capital
  • for shareholders - spread the capital cost between many investors

There are (at least) two possible models:

  • We (the PV company) rent roof space to install our equipment, preferably with a separate electrical connection
    • all power is exported to the grid and we take the profits for our shareholders
  • The PV company rents its equipment for a fixed price to the client business who uses the power generated as they see fit.

If you are interested in this idea, please let us know

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