Mini-Finance for local Home Energy projects

We propose a community Development Finance Initiative (CDFI) lending money

  • from local investors
  • to local households and businesses
  • for home energy improvements (insulation, other efficiency projects and micro generation)

Lenders will get

  • dividends
  • knowledge that their money is being used to reduce the carbon footprint of the area

Borrowers will vet

  • a fair interest rate (depends on credit rating) for a loan typically 1000-5000 to help reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint

This project would complement initiatives from other organisations such as Cambridge Carbon Footprint

  • giving advice to home owners
  • training builders in energy saving construction techniques

Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs) are a new financial tool for social, economic and physical renewal in under-invested communities. They lend and invest in deprived areas and underserved markets that cannot access mainstream finance. They are sustainable, independent organisations that provide financial services with two aims: to generate social and financial returns.

If you are interested in this idea please let us know

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