Help with financing your energy efficiency measures

Energy Efficiency

The main source of support for home energy efficiency improvement is the Energy Companies Obligation. This is a scheme requiring energy suppliers to fund insulation and other energy efficiency measures in homes for qualifying households. To qualify you usually need to be in receipt of benefits. You may get contacted directly but you can apply directly to any of the energy suppliers in the scheme.

Also, in Cambridgeshire we have the Cambs Home Improvement Agency (HIA), helping people who are elderly or vulnerable, who have disability needs, or who are on a low income. The HIA can help you repair, maintain or adapt your home by providing practical or financial advice and support. Owner-occupiers may be able to get a one-off, non-secured and non-repayable Home Energy Grant of up to 1,000 to introduce measures that will improve the energy efficiency of your home. For more information please telephone 01954 712 234 or go to their website.

There are other schemes available from time to time. The best way to find out is through Simple Energy Advice. You will be asked to enter your postcard as many of the schemes are local to particular areas.

Renewable Energy

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme provides grants towards replacing your boiler with low carbon heating, such as an air source heat pump, a ground source heat pump or a biomass boiler]].

Currently there is no financial support for solar hot water panels.

If you install solar PV panels, you can still get paid for power you export to the grid, although the savings are much less than you would get if you used the energy yourself. The scheme is called the Smart Export Guarantee and it is run through electricity suppliers. You do not need to use your own supplier - you can choose a different one and they do offer different rates.

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