Rolling out energy efficiency for homes and community buildings

3/Apr/2013 7-9pm at Stoneyard Centre (Lower hall), 43 St Andrews Street, CB2 3AR
Free but a donation to cover the cost of hall hire would be great - perhaps £2 per person.
Presenter and Facilitator: Nicola Terry
If you would like to come or if you have any questions please let Nicola know

This Workshop is designed to enable, motivate and guide community groups to make a real difference to community energy sustainability. We will discuss:

What needs doing We need to retrofit many buildings, and avoid energy waste – but how to choose the best way?

How to get it done. How to address barriers of finance, time and hassle; we will review grants and loan schemes, and what exactly needs to be done and who can do it. Groups are well placed to share the work, find the best deals and avoid repeating the work.

Case studies The Case studies include local projects Open Eco Homes, the e-Coton bulk buy and also the Rampton Drift retrofit. Each of these projects tackles a different aspect of the overall strategy and can be adapted for different situations. We will develop some criteria to evaluate these projects and your own ideas.


18.45Doors Open
19.00Introductions, UK Energy Planning, Financial Support
19.25Residential case studies
19.50Break with Tea
20.10Saving energy in schools and churches
20.30Discussion and evaluation of projects

You will be welcome to stay and continue the discussion until 21.30 if you wish. Also if you bring something to eat in the break we can provide plates.

If you come to this workshop with a project in mind, you will come away with a more thorough understanding of how to make it a success. If you didn’t have any particular ideas, you will have lots to consider afterwards.

Material for this workshop is inspired by the work of the “Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment” (EEBE) research programme at Cambridge University, funded by the Grosvenor Group. This workshop is funded by Cooke Associates. For this presentation in Cambridge venue hire is subsidised by Greeniversity

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