Cambridge Community Energy Ltd.

We now have our own website here

Would you like to invest in renewable energy locally - such as generating solar electricity from rooftops on buildings in and around the city? Would you like to help us make this possible?

Some of the energy group members (Nicola, Andy and Stuart) are working to start a co-op company to make this happen. At the moment we are looking for suitable sites, preferably schools, clubs or other community buildings, with a reasonable amount of suitable roof and able to use some of the electricity generated. If you have any suggestions please let us know.

Download this leaflet (1Mb) to find out more about what we are hoping to achieve.

There are a number of similar schemes already going which have proved successful, such as Bristol Energy Co-op, Brixton Energy and Grand Union Community Energy. We also have advice and support from SharEnergy, a not-for-profit organisation which helps communities build and manage renewable energy generation in the UK.

It is early days yet but do let us know if you are interested either in helping us get going or becoming an investor.