Advice for Subgroups

Transition towns is mainly run by a hub committee which coordinates activities among subgroups. Each subgroup should have a dedicated group of pages on the wiki (listed in the WhatWeDo menu) and at least one person responsible for it. If your group has not got one then please do ask for it. This can be used to report activities, let the rest of Cambridge know of your plans and invite new people to join in as well as give out information you think might be useful.

We (the administrators) will need to know the names and email addresses of each person who is to have edit access to the page group. We will then add them to the user database and give each person a password (or they can ask us for a particular password). Neither emails not passwords are stored in plain text anywhere on the site. The name will be used to create a unique username which is needed for login and will appear in the page history when that person makes a change.

Users who edit pages should adhere to the site conventions and guidelines - see our Acceptable Use Policy. For how to edit pages, see Notes For Contributors.

The administrators will create an initial HomePage for the group and a SideBar both of which you will be able to edit. When you are ready they will also put a link to your group into the WhatWeDo menu.

Some of the subgroups use googlegroups for group discussions.

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