Town and Gown: Exciting collaborations with Students

We are delighted to be involved in the Cambridge Hub Social Innovation Program, a nationwide initiative that aims to give students experience in consulting skills to help local charities and social enterprises. We think this is an excellent idea because we have lots of experience, and the students have fresh ideas and enthusiasm. In addition, there are some very experienced mentors from the Cambridge business community who will be working with the students in order to help make the finished projects as relevant and deliverable as as possible. This year we have two separate SIP projects.

TC/SIP Project 1: Transition Cambridge Membership Survey

The Sip Team have been out and about chatting to members over the last couple of weeks to gain an insight into the Who, How and Why of our members. They are compiling questions for an online survey to be launched on 20th February. This is the first time in TC history that we have looked systematically at who we are: we hope that the results will help to shape how and what we do in the future.

The Challenge

We have nearly 2000 people on the mailing list and hundreds more on social media but only about a hundred who are active members - coming to meetings and helping to organise stuff. We'd like more people to get actively involved starting more projects and extending our reach. So we have given our students a challenge to find out more about those people who are interested but not directly involved and make recommendations as to how we can we engage with them.

The Team

The students helping us are Vladimir, Celia, Lucian, Gemma and Nurul.

How they will do this

On 20th February the team will launch an online survey using our TC bulletin. They will need to find out about members who are active as well as those who aren't, so please, whatever your involvement level, do take a few minutes to complete the survey. The results will be analysed at the end of February and we will have our report by mid March. Some face to face chats with project groups have already taken place, there will be another opportunity to talk with the SIP student team about your experience at the next TC Hub meeting, 20th February 2017.

For more information please contact Jacky. Students who'd like to be involed in future SIP projects can contact Lily .

TC/SIP Project 2: Urban Biodiversity in Student Residencies

This SIP group are investigating how to engage student groups and student residents in helping urban biodiversity flourish around the city. The unused green spaces in student residential accommodation could be more productive for biodiversity with the help of student groups to dig, record and monitor these spaces.

The challenge

The group are looking at how to engage students who want to actively volunteer with the practical aspects of the project. They will also consider how to promote awareness and understanding about biodiversity among the residents that live in houses, where these areas would be, with the aim of deepening understanding across the whole student population while simultaneously providing habitat for wildlife.

The Team

The students helping us are Amy, Amy, Shruti and Freya.

What happens next?

The Project Report will be delivered in mid March. For more information or to join in with this exciting collaboration, please contact Geoff Morley and Natalie Lambert

Our Mission

Transition Cambridge aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are more resilient in the face of rising energy prices and a changing climate.

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