Transition-related news in the media

The articles below are archived, having spent time on the front-page of our wiki for a while. Please let us know if they go out of date / you can't find them any more.

  • Britain not prepared for climate change - article from Reuters (15 Sept 10).
  • Here's an article from the Cambridge Evening News about a local family that went self-sufficient and now run a local meat business.
  • Branson warns that oil crunch is coming within five years - Guardian on-line article 7 Feb 2010 here
  • Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower in the Guardian 10/Nov: apparently the IEA has been under US pressure to publish optimistic projections for oil supply for years, and the situation is actually much worse than they have been saying.
  • Global Witness have produced a report (2 years in the making) called Heads in the Sand warning of the looming oil supply crunch. The Guardian discusses it here. The report objects to the IEA recommendation that the oil industry invest $450 billion a year chasing new supplies, suggesting that this money could be better spent on developing renewable technologies.
  • From the BBC, the The UK Energy Research Centre study says there is a consensus that the era of cheap oil is at an end. See Warning over global oil 'decline'
  • In the Guardian 1st September, news from Greenland that ice sheets are calving much faster than before, and faster than predicted - which means that sea level rise will hit sooner than we thought.

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