Suggestions made after watching A Crude Awakening (27/Oct/08)

If any of these suggestions inspire you to action, let us know!

One thing I can do

Grow food in my front and back gardens
Learn to repair my bike
Become a green officer for my college
Improve my house’s insulation
Make my house carbon neutral
Actually practice what I preach i.e. turn off lights etc !
Help Transition Cambridge grow
Spread the word
I can talk to more people about peak oil and climate change
Raise awareness to as many others as possible
Rejoin Camlets and promote it
Plan for Peak Oil
Source local food (fruit, veg and meat) far better
Buy locally produced food
Work in the Steering Group to facilitate the awareness raising
Make sustainability and transition central to my life
Continue using my bike to go everywhere
Use public transport and bicycle
I can decide to stay in Cambridge to help raise awareness and implement activities within the student community next year
I could attend a permaculture course
Demonstrate, encourage food growing in a local school
Show a film in my street

One thing Cambridge can do

Be more visual i.e. publicise in its effort to raise awareness and gain support
Advertise recycling more
Design a holistic water plan
Build a windfarm on the edge of the city
Plan an Energy Descent Action Plan and act on it
Have more community orchards and gardens
Make more land available for food growers
Liaise with landowners on the outskirts of Cambridge and work to facilitate food growing on a large scale for the local market
Focus biotech industry on producing secondary liquid fuels – e.g. Cellulose to ethanol
Lead the world in energy related research
Implement car sharing schemes
Cut cars
Promote car sharing and cut congestion
Encourage the use of public transport (I think it is so expensive and sometimes have to wait a long time for a bus)
Improve incentives for low carbon personal transport
House to house energy advice and guidance
Planners follow eco-driven policies
Lead the field in supporting and promoting sustainability and transition
Keep raising awareness and Transition Cambridge

One thing the Government can do

Talk about the elephant in the room i.e. PEAK OIL
Increase tax on air travel, stop expanding airports and building motorways
Stop increasing the aviation industry
Encourage the use of alternative energies and start using now
Massive investment into renewable energies
Encourage people to buy British products instead of importing
Improve the distribution of land amongst the population
Tax oil more and start investing in energy efficiency
Provide grants to each household to meet energy conservation requirements
Decentralise and de-bureaucratise governance; introduce proportional representation, and promote and propagate grass roots initiatives, and get out of Iraq
The government could promote and fund the creation of community forests for food and fuel
Restrict development of fossil fuel dependant industries
Food productive forests; planning standards and subsidise the railway
Population control
Provide a stable base for supporting transition
Set stricter standards
Put tax incentives in place to create change
Embrace and promote the Transition Town’s ethos

One other thought

Our Number 1 problem is engaging the skeptics, such as white van man, who forms a substantial proportion of the electorate. How can we do this?
Transition is only possible if most/ all people do it
Birth control & voluntary euthanasia; population control
Population is key!
Thanks James!
Plastic & glass bottles should have tax (deposit) on them, getting money back when returned, like in Germany
Plant fruit and nut trees in the parks
Find ways of advertising the attractive aspects of life without oil
Debates around the country about a whole package for redirection in energy sources
We already know so many alternative energy sources; it’s now down to us to use them
Price –in externalities via the tax system
How long will the transition take and what will we transition to?
I have a vision of our cities ringed with community gardens, woodlands and windfarms
Education – introduce the ethos at the grass roots , primary schools
The future can be exciting
We can’t ignore the problem - its only going to get harder to deal with
Transition is happening. I suddenly feel a great sense of responsibility for the rest of mankind

Our Mission

Transition Cambridge aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are more resilient in the face of rising energy prices and a changing climate.

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