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Now you're all dried off here are a few choice items to tempt you back out into the autumn showers ...

Transition News and Events

  • Tuesday 28 September : Cosy homes now!
  • Thursday 30 September : Transition Cafe
  • Saturday 02 October : Visit to Pipewell Woods with the Permaculture Group
  • Friday 08 October : South East Transition Camp
  • FAQs on Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal Panels
  • Allotments: Early Day Motion

Related News and Events

  • Thursday 30 September : Eco-Renovation : Visit to AC Architects’ Low Energy Offices
  • Thursday 30 September : Carbon Conversations
  • Thursday 07 October : Wild Food workshop
  • Friday 08 October : Climate Change - What does it demand of us?
  • Arjuna Chef Wanted!
  • Sustainable Livestock Bill

Transition News and Events

  • Tuesday 28 September 18:00 : Cosy homes now!

Want to make your home cosy, cheap to run and fit for tomorrow? This friendly workshop will help you: understand the choices, talk through the difficulties, make big plans and take the first steps. The evening continues in the series of joint events with Emmanuel United Reformed church at Cherry Hinton Road, focusing on sustainability and environmental issues. It will combine a Carbon Conversations Taster from Cambridge Carbon Footprint and a discussion of renewable energy in the home with the Transition Cambridge Energy Group. A simple meal with be served form 6pm (free, by donation), and the workshop will run from 7:15 to 9pm at the United Reformed Church on Cherry Hinton Road (on the corner with Hartington Grove and Coleridge Road). This session will include a Christian perspective.

  • Thursday 30 September 19:30 : Transition Cafe

Come and meet other transitioners at the Cafe Project on Jesus Lane (fortnightly on Thursdays 7.30-10pm). Bring along ideas for 10:10:10 events and we’ll see if we can organise something!

  • Saturday 02 October 10:45 : Visit to Pipewell Woods with the Permaculture Group

There is much we can learn from this project to further our knowledge about working in woodland - Zone 4 in permaculture terms. Rawhaw Wood is a semi-natural ancient woodland and a site of special scientific interest, with a history of coppice management that goes back over four hundred years. This interesting project is a working site managed in a traditional manner by Hugh Ross and Carolyn Church to promote biodiversity and provide woodland products. See for further information. Programme: Meet at Trumpington Park and Ride 10.45 am. Leave 11 am. Arrive at Pipewell in Northamptonshire 12.30 pm for a shared pot luck lunch in the wood - please bring food to share. The tour starts at 1.45 pm and takes about 2 hours. There will be a guided walk around the wood to see evidence of coppicing, including seeing the charcoal kilns. There will be time to buy products before the return journey at 4.45 pm.

Car sharing arranged by the Permaculture group - 15-20 people max. Cost: the tour costs £45 for the group – we estimate if there are 15 people, the cost will be around £9 -14 per person to cover the costs of tour and petrol depending on numbers booking.

If you can offer a lift or would like a lift please let us know. Please book soon as possilbe so we can plan lift share.

Contact Dave or Ceri by email or phone 01223 840 602. More details here:

  • Friday 08 October 19:30 : South East Transition Camp

The 3rd South East Transition Camp offers a weekend of workshops for both adults and kids, camp fires, storytelling and saunas under a new moon. More details here.

  • FAQs on Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal Panels

The energy group has published two new pages explaining about ways you can use renewable energy in your home: the Solar Thermal panel FAQ and the Heat Pumps FAQ. Both of these technologies should qualify for the renewable heat incentive (if it is confirmed - this is not yet finalised) - like the feed in tariff but for renewable heat instead of electricity. In any case, they will reduce your carbon emissions and reduce your dependency on fossil fuels which can't be bad.

  • Allotments: Early Day Motion

Local MP Julian Huppert has been in touch to say he will be signing the Early Day Bill we referred to in last week's bulletin. Thanks to all those that got in touch with him to express their support for this motion!

Related News and Events

  • Thursday 30 September 18:00 : Eco-Renovation : Visit to AC Architects’ Low Energy Offices

In 2002 AC Architects took on the challenge of renovating the corner shop at the junction of Albert Street and Victoria Road as an exemplary low energy building. There are offices on the ground, with residential accommodation above. This building visit showcases what is probably the most carbon-efficient office in Cambridge, with a presentation from architect Anne Cooper. Booking essential, either by emailing Amy Tillson or signing up here.

  • Thursday 30 September 19:30 : Carbon Conversations Carbon Conversations Group


6 friendly meetings over 12 weeks where participants learn about carbon emissions in food, the home, travel and the stuff we buy - in a non-preachy, collaborative way. Cost is £15 including the acclaimed Carbon Conversations Handbook. Booking essential - numbers limited to 8 per group. More details here.

  • Thursday 07 October 10:00 : Wild Food workshop

Wild Food at the Botanical Gardens Thursday October 7th 2010 10.00am - Price: £45 per person. Jacky Sutton-Adam introduces Autumn nuts, roots and berries which can be healthy and interesting additions to a regular diet. The plants covered will include some less well known wild foods of the season and the day will include a visit around the Gardens to identify plants and where they grow. There will also be an opportunity to taste some wild food recipes. To book, contact the Botanical Garden Education Department on 01223 331875 or visit the web address below and download a booking form. More details here.

  • Friday 08 October 19:30 : Climate Change - What does it demand of us?

Keynote lecture with Professor Mike Hulme of the University of East Anglia. The lecture will take place in Emmanuel United Reformed Church, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1QA, at 7:30, Friday 8 October. Professor Sir Brian Heap FRS will act as chair. Professor Mike Hulme is professor of climate change in the School of Environmental Science at the University of East Anglia (UEA) and was the Founding Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research from 2000 to 2007. His work since the 1980s has informed the UN panel on climate change, the UK government and the EU Commission. His most recent book is 'Why we disagree about climate change: understanding controversy, inaction and opportunity (2009).

  • Arjuna Chef Wanted!

Arjuna Wholefoods(12 Mill Road, Cambridge) are looking for someone to take over and run their kitchen, but this is not a job opportunity as such, more the chance to start a small business using the kitchen as a base to launch a vegetarian catering company.

Therefore Arjuna are looking for an individual or catering company: talented people who are also steeped in ethical values such as those TT and AW promote.

This is an opportunity for experienced industry professionals but also for someone looking for a start in the industry. The only catch is it has to be 100% vegetarian in nature. For more information and an info pack call Dave/Nick at Arjuna: 01223 364845 or by email. Applications are welcome until November 1st 2010.

  • Sustainable Livestock Bill

This autumn, MPs will be voting on a new law to break the hidden link between animal feed in factory farms and wildlife and rainforest destruction in South America. Please join Friends of the Earth's MOOvement today - together we can make sure they support UK farmers to feed their animals a diet that doesn't cost the planet. Factory farming demands massive amounts of soy - a key ingredient in animal feed. Most of this comes from huge soy plantations in Latin America. Vast areas of land have to be cleared to grow the soy, causing deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions and the loss of valuable wildlife habitat. Friends of the Earth has created a rare opportunity for the Government to fix the food chain by introducing the Sustainable Livestock Bill with Robert Flello MP. If enough MPs back the Bill it'll start a farming revolution that will stop our meat and dairy from eating the planet.

To make sure the Bill becomes law and gets real Government action to fix the food chain, as many MPs as possible need to be persuaded to attend the Bill's second reading in the House of Commons on 12th November. MP's are just back from their summer recess so now is a great time to get in touch. You can also ask your MP to sign the Early Day Motion (EDM 367) that backs the Bill. More details here.

That's it - have a great week!



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