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Things really hot up with the weather in June and there are so many things to do this week and this month that there’s hardly room to tell you about them. Transition Cambridge not only has a lot of exciting events happening at the Environment Festival (more details next week, but get dates in your diary now) but we are also starting up a resource centre! I'm particularly looking forward to the Open Eco-Houses event organised by Cambridge Carbon Footprint and I shall certainly be going to the Waterchoir sessions as I know how great the Sing and Swim for Water event is.


Transition News and Events

  • Wed 2nd June: Food Group Meeting - please note venue change!
  • Sat 5th June: Permaculture visit to Trumpington
  • NEW! From Tues June 8th: Transition Resource Centre office hours!
  • Tues 8th June: Peak Oil, the Financial Crisis and Preparing for the Future
  • Sat 12th: Seedlings needed for Transition stall on Parker's Piece
  • Environment Festival Events in June
  • Tues 6th July: Renewable Energy Forum - put in your diary!

Related news and events

  • Thurs 3rd June: Film: “Zeitgeist: Addendum”
  • Sat 5th June: Urban Yard Fair, Hope Street (off Mill Road)
  • Wed 9th June: Start date for Waterchoir workshops (environmental choir)
  • Wed 9th June: FoodCycle introductory meeting
  • Sat 12th June: Visit to Green Backyard in Peterborough
  • Sat 12th June: Cafe project's 2nd birthday party
  • Tues 15th June: Eco-renovation Question-Time + Open Eco-House launch
  • Sun 20th and Sat 26th June: Open Eco Houses with Cambridge Carbon Footprint
  • Sell the sizzle, not the sausage!
  • BTCV Carbon Army - Join the Good Food Revolution!

Transition News and Events

  • Wednesday 2nd June: Food Group Meeting - Please note venue change!

6.30-8.30pm at the Corner House pub on Newmarket Rd (on the corner of River Lane.)

This is the regular fortnightly meeting of the Food Group, where we gather to progress all the exciting projects we’ve got on the go. We’re trying a different venue and time. We’ve really enjoyed meeting at the Geldart for the last year or so, but our group is getting too big, and that venue too noisy for effective meetings there. The Corner House offers us a great room all to ourselves, and has good food with lots of veggie and gluten free options. Come along and get involved!

  • Saturday 5th June: Permaculture visit to Trumpington

Following the success of our Open Meeting on 4 May, the next meeting will be a visit to Trumpington to see Ceri and Dave’s place, including the chicken co-op, the Community Orchard, Hazel Platt and the allotments. Also, we’ll start planning the calendar of events for the year ahead - based on visits, practical tasks and speakers... bring your ideas. Saturday 5 June, 1pm for a shared lunch - email Ceri and Dave for more info.

  • NEW! From Tuesday June 8th: Transition Resource Centre office hours!

Now that we actually have an office for Transition Cambridge, we will be open for you to phone or call in person on Tuesday mornings 10.30 - 12.30. We will make sure there is always one of us there to take your enquiries - if we don’t know the answer straight away, we will do our best to find out for you! Our phone number is 01223 246747 and the address is Transition Cambridge, c/o United Reformed Church, 154 Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge, CB1 7AJ (the entrance is from Hartington Grove). Map here.

  • Tuesday 8th June: Peak Oil, the Financial Crisis and Preparing for the Future

Talk by Nicole Foss. 7:30-9:30pm, the Friends Meeting House on Jesus Lane. Free, by donation.

Peak oil and the collapse of global finance are a “perfect storm” of converging phenomena that threaten to sink our age of prosperity. Nicole will discuss the many converging factors that are contributing to the multi-faceted predicament that we face, and how to prepare for the future. Nicole Foss is a former contributing editor to the Oil Drum, and now blogs under the name Stoneleigh at The Automatic Earth. More info here.

  • Sat 12th: Seedlings needed for Transition stall on Parker’s Piece!

Do you have vegetable or herb seedlings that we can give away at the Food Group stand on Parker’s Piece? We’ll be there on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th June during the Environment Festival. If you can deliver them yourself please bring to our new gazebo (location tbc) on the day, or if you would like them collected, contact Rowan Wylie or phone her on 07977 643376. Rowan will be collecting on the evening of Friday 11th. Thanks and happy growing!

  • Environment Festival Events in June

- Sat/Sunday 12/13th: TC stalls at the Town and Country Fair

- Sunday 13th: TC stall at the Biodiversity Fair and Family Fun Day on Lammas Land

- Sunday 13th: Foraged Lunch

- Monday 14th: Talk: Nature in Transition

- Wednesday 16th: Talk: “The World Needs Your Passion

- Wednesday 16th: Film: “The Power of Community - How Cuba Survived Peak Oil”

- Thursday 17th: Story-Telling - “2020 Visions of the Cambridge of the Future”

- Sunday 20th: Story-telling trail in Milton Country Park

- Tuesday 22nd: Film: “In Transition”

- Wednesday 23rd: Story Competition Awards

- Thursday 24th: Guided Walk: “Wild food forage walk”

There are lots of other events too - see the Council’s Sustainable City web-site - the Environment Festival programme is now available here (pdf format).

  • Tuesday 6th July: Renewable Energy Forum

8-9:45pm Michaelhouse Centre

How to generate renewable energy in your home, reduce your utility bills and earn money through the Feed In Tariffs! At this forum you can find out about the three most promising technologies: Solar Electricity (PV), Solar thermal energy for hot water, and Heat Pumps. To advise you and answer your questions, each technology will be represented by two speakers: one industry expert, and one user who has recently has a system installed in their home. All are welcome. Entrance is free but we would appreciate a donation of £2-3 to cover the cost of hiring the hall. More info here.

Related news and events

  • Thurs 3rd June: Film: “Zeitgeist: Addendum”

8pm at the Cafe Project, 22 Jesus Lane, Cambridge (open 7.30pm - 11pm) FREE!

People’s Cafe night: fortnightly positive action education for groups that complement each other such as Transition Towns, Humanity’s Team, Zeitgeist Movement and The People’s United Community. This week we’re showing the unmissable “Zeitgeist: Addendum” - Peter Joseph’s film attempts to locate the root causes of pervasive social corruption, while offering a solution. The work advocates a new social system which is updated to present day knowledge, highly influenced by the life long work of Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project. Come and see what all the fuss is about…and there’s tea and cake!

  • Sat 5th June: Urban Yard Fair, Hope Street (off Mill Road)

Local shops, local food, live music, bring the kids! Please contact: Polly Tel: 01223 243021.

  • Wed 9th June: Start date for Waterchoir workshops (environmental choir)

7.30-9pm ( 4 sessions: 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th June))

Waterchoir is a scratch environmental choir which will join the song fest at the Talking in Tune Community Sing and Swim event for Water Aid at Jesus Green Swimming Pool on Saturday 3 July, 6-8.30pm. The practice sessions will be led by Rowena Whitehead at St Andrews Hall, St Andrews Rd, Cambridge CB4 1DH. Cost £30, includes £5 donation to Water Aid. A few concessions available at £20 or less in exchange for practical help - please ask! For more info/to book a place, contact Rowena, tel: 01223 573288.

  • Wed 9th June: FoodCycle introductory meeting (primarily for students and young people!)

Hate Food Waste? Want to develop a Community Project? Find out about the foodcycle project! Food retailers throw out millions of tons of edible food every year due to supply overstock. The aim of FoodCycle is to redirect this food so it can be used to cook nutritious meals for people in the local community that do not have access to it for a variety of reasons, such as lack of income, access or knowledge of healthy nutrition. Interested? Come and listen to a presentation and chat to a FoodCycle representative on 9th June, 17:30-19:30, 10 Pembroke Street, Cambridge. Event organised by Student Community Action, contact Beejal for more info.

  • Saturday June 12th. Visit to the Green Backyard in Peterborough

The Green Backyard is an inspirational community growing project, set in 2.3 acres of previously derelict land in Peterborough. We will travel to Peterborough by train, meeting at Cambridge Station. Bring a picnic. Organised by Cambridge Carbon Footprint . E-mail or phone 01223 971353 to book.

  • Sat 12th June: Cafe project’s 2nd birthday party

To celebrate the Cafe Project’s 2nd birthday (Transition Cafe venue, 22 Jesus Lane) they’re having a Birthday Ball on Saturday June 12th, and to showcase its successes and attract newcomers and volunteers, they’ll be having some fun in the daytime on Jesus Green, followed by the party proper in the evening at the Cafe.

Daytime: vegan barbecue, free shop, meditation, art workshops including percussion making and tuxedo and gown making (both using recycled stuff for the party proper), Cafe tours for newbies, space hopper racing assault course (alright that’s not a regular Cafe thing but it’s mighty fun!)

Evening: Acoustic jam, DJs and most importantly TEA AND CAKE

  • Tuesday June 15th 7.30 Eco-renovation Question-Time and launch of Open Eco-House days.

Venue: St Luke’s Church Centre, Victoria Road, CB4 3DZ.

Meet the experts, find out about our Open Eco-House days and ask your questions about how to turn your house into a climate-friendly home. On the panel: Anne Cooper (Sustainable Architect), Andy Brown (Sustainable Construction consultant), Tim Acheson (Green builder) and Justin Smith (Council officer and grants specialist). In the chair: Sian Reid, Executive Councillor for Climate Change & Growth. Organised by Cambridge Carbon Footprint. Admission free. Refreshments will be served. Donations welcome. For more information see

  • Sun 20th and Sat 26th June: Open Eco Houses with Cambridge Carbon Footprint

As part of the Environment Festival, Cambridge Carbon Footprint is organising Open Eco Houses days. 15 remarkable houses in and around Cambridge will be opening their doors to show best examples of how you can renovate your home for low carbon living. You can see inspiring and practical ideas - from simple-to-fit DIY measures to major total refurbishments - including super-insulation, draught exclusion, photovoltaics, solar hot water, ground-source heat pumps, low water use and rainwater storage, double and triple glazing and more! There will be half-hour guided tours at 11am, 12 noon, 2pm and 3pm. The suggested donation is £2 per adult per tour. You can book a tour by calling the bookings hotline 07837 183271 between 9 and 5. There’ll also be a launch event taking the form of ‘Eco Renovation Question Time’ on June 15th, when you can quiz the panel of experts, find information and chat over refreshments in St Luke’s Church Centre, Victoria Road, CB4 3DZ. Full info here.

  • Sell the sizzle, not the sausage!

There is a very interesting booklet on the importance of having a positive vision when you communicate about climate change called “Sell the Sizzle!” You can download it from Futerra: The Transition movement has been very keen on positive visions of the future since its beginnings and it’s good to have evidence backing up this approach!

  • BTCV Carbon Army - Join the Good Food Revolution!

Ceri has sent in some information about BTCV’s Carbon Army, a national project helping to raise awareness about the impact of food on our environment. (Did you know that a staggering 20% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions are connected with the food we eat and drink?) Look at their website for details of nationwide events in June: They also have a free Grow Your Own Food Guide.

I hope you find something here to really interest you! Hope to see you at some of the Environment Festival events (and in our new office!)


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Transition Cambridge aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are more resilient in the face of rising energy prices and a changing climate.

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