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Highlights this week include a trip to Innovation Farm at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany tomorrow evening (Tuesday) and a showing of the film Dive on Thursday about avoiding food waste from our supermarkets. There's also a session on how to make our media act more responsibly this Sunday evening with Patrick Chalmers, author of Fraudcast News. And don't forget to visit some of the Open Eco Gardens, organised by Cambridge Carbon Footprint this Saturday, when you can visit our community garden on Marmora Road.

Transition News and Events

  • Tuesday 10 July: Visit to Innovation Farm at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany
  • Thursday 12 July: Transition Cafe: Dive! (film)
  • Tuesday 17 July: Food Group meeting
  • Thursday 19 July: Greeniversity meeting
  • Saturday 21 July: Grow Your Own Session in Trumpington
  • Growing Spaces Dig Days in July
  • More events for your calendar

Other News and Events

  • Saturday 14 July: Open Eco Gardens
  • Saturday 14 July: Compost Toilet Workshop
  • Sunday 15 July: Fraudcast News - book reading with Patrick Chalmers
  • Sat 21st July - Sun 22nd July: Building a Clay Oven
  • Monday 23 July: Eco Renovation in Progress
  • Thu 6th - Fri 7th Sep 11am - 3.30pm: Environment Expo
  • Some local food links...
  • Have your say on the future of Cambridge - Local Plan Consultation for residents
  • Events for your calendar

Transition News and Events

Tuesday 10 July: Visit to Innovation Farm at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany

19:00-20:30, NIAB, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge CB3 0LE

Join us for a guided tour of the NIAB Innovation Farm, a showcase of novel crops for food, medicine and fibre. Including soya beans suitable for UK cultivation, nettles for fibre production and much more. Your chance to see the cutting edge of crop development. Email Helen Holmes to book a place. More details here.

Thursday 12 July: Transition Cafe: Dive! (film)

19:30-21:00, CB1 Cafe, Mill Road, Cambridge

Inspired by a curiosity about society's careless habit of sending good, edible food straight to landfills, this award-winning documentary follows filmmaker Jeremy Seifert and friends as they 'dumpster dive' (i.e. go through the bins) in the back alleys and gated garbage receptacles of Los Angeles' supermarkets. In the process, they salvage thousands of dollars worth of good, edible food - resulting in an eye-opening documentary that is equal parts entertainment, guerilla journalism and call to action. This film showing is free and open to everyone.

Tuesday 17 July: Food Group meeting

18:30-20:30, The Emperor pub, 21 Hills Road, CB2 1NW (upstairs room)

This is the Food Group's regular fortnightly meeting - on the agenda will be our current projects.

Thursday 19 July: Greeniversity meeting


This will be our first meeting to discuss how we will bring the Greeniversity idea to Cambridge. Everyone is welcome! (Please contact us for details of venue.) Greeniversity is about people getting together to learn green skills from other local people who have skills they are willing to share. All sessions are free or low cost; sessions can range from how to grow your own veg, knitting or customising charity shop clothes, servicing your bike or insulating your loft. You could take a one off lesson or a five week course – Greeniversity is very flexible. The idea is to have fun and meet new people while you learn how to be a little greener. You can see what Peterborough's Greeniversity is like here. We'll be looking for people who'd like to offer sessions, starting in September, so get in touch if you'd like to offer something!

Saturday 21 July: Grow Your Own Session in Trumpington

10:00-13:00, Trumpington allotments

Join experienced allotmenteer Dave Fox on his plot in Trumpington. These sessions are ideal for novices and people with any amount of practical growing experience - it's more of a mutual sharing than a lesson! In the July session we will check progress of the polyveg, mulch beds and forest garden, tend tomatoes and curcubits, prepare for some autumn sowings, do lots of weeding, and lots of harvesting (bring a bag!) Join in here. Book soon as spaces are limited.

Growing Spaces Dig Days in July

The Growing Spaces Project will be having a number of dig days in July to help us finish up a few more spaces this summer. If you would like to help plant some fruit bushes and herbs in public places and enjoy the fruits of your work for years to come, then join us! These will be in various locations around the city, and take place on July 4th, 8th, 11th and 15th. See the Growing Spaces page on our website for all the details. More details here.

Events for your calendar

Other News and Events

Saturday 14 July: Open Eco Gardens

10:00-15:45, Various Locations Around Cambridge

Mark your diaries for July 14, Open Eco Gardens is here!! Similar to our annual Open Eco Homes event held earlier this year, we are going to be opening up the gates to some of Cambridge’s Eco Gardens for guided tours and questions. An Eco Garden includes at least one of: food growing, water conservation, encourages wildlife, or uses permaculture design. Community gardens, allotments, home gardens, and public gardens will all be showcased. Booking is essential! Each garden is open for at least two time slots during the day (10:00, 11:30, 1:30 and 3:00).Call us on 01223 301842 to book your visits! More details here.

Saturday 14 July: Compost Toilet Workshop

10:00-16:00, Fen End Farm, Cottenham

Composting toilets save water and energy and improve soil fertility by creating fantastic compost. Find out how you too can easily make and use a hygienic compost toilet at home on this one-day workshop, with the option to construct your own loo on the day to take home and start using straight away! More details here.

Sunday 15 July: Fraudcast News - book reading with Patrick Chalmers

20:00-22:00, CB1 Cafe, 32 Mill Road, Cambridge

Patrick Chalmers gives an insider's account of our media's complicity with power. An ex-Reuters reporter, he relates how getting into and out of conventional journalism opened his eyes to the realities of his chosen career. On the way he found how mainstream media, including his former employer, were far from being the public watchdogs of power they like to pretend. Quite the opposite – the bulk of their work blinds people to their powerlessness in the face of modern politics, at every layer of government. Yet this is a hopeful story, including a plan for how people can make their own media and lay claim to their political voices. Amongst other topics, he considers the failed politics and media coverage of climate change, leading into what people can do locally to try to remedy the situation (here's a recent blog post). The evening will include a reading from his book followed by time for questions and answers. For more info, see Patrick's website (where you can also download his book for free), his blog, Facebook page or follow him on Twitter @Patrick Chalmers.

Sat 21st July - Sun 22nd July: Building a Clay Oven

10:00-12:00, Cambridge Sustainability Centre

In this hands-on course you will learn how to build an oven out of the earth beneath your feet. You'll find out how to test for the right soil mix, how to shape the oven and build the walls, how to fire it and cook in it. You'll get to bake a pizza for your dinner, and learn how to use cob. We hope you'll leave feeling empowered that pretty much wherever you go in the world you'll be able to build an oven with what you find around you! More details here.

Monday 23 July: Eco Renovation in Progress

19:30-21:30, Bermuda Road

Due to popular demand, our eco renvovation in progress events continue this summer with a look at two adjacent Victorian Cottages on Bermuda Road (full address given upon booking). Experts Anne Cooper of AC Architects and Alex Rice of Efficient Ideas will take groups on a tour to explore renovations that have already been done and give their recommendations for future work as well. Booking is essential! Email us to reserve your spot today! More details here.

Thu 6th - Fri 7th Sep 11am - 3.30pm: Environment Expo

11:00-15:30, Emmanuel URC, Trumpington Street, CB2 1RR

Emmanuel United Reformed Church, will host a FREE Environment Expo focussed on sustainability in buildings, particularly saving energy and especially in older buildings such as our beautiful church (for which we have ambitious plans). We invite building professionals, managers and owners of both public and private buildings and home owners to come and discuss these issues with consultants and suppliers for energy saving and renewable energy. More details here.

Some local food links...

If you didn't hear it, it's worth trying to catch yesterday's Food Programme on BBC iPlayer. It's about regenerating high streets through food markets and locally produced food produce outlets, as well as an item on Incredible Edible Todmorden. It's also worth checking out the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England's web site, which has just produced a report on local food - you can also take part in their local food challenge, and have a look at their local food mapping project (article on this here).

Have your say on the future of Cambridge - Local Plan Consultation for residents

This may be of interest if you are concerned about the future of Cambridge. Ten years ago residents of Cambridge were asked to comment on the Local Plan, the document that guides all new building and open spaces in the city. Many failed to comment, but complain today about the quality of change in recent years. The next Local Plan is being drafted now. If you are interested in what Cambridge will be like to live in ten years from now then do get involved this time. Otherwise more vocal and determined interests will shape the future of this very beautiful city. The City Council is keen to involve residents in the process and is working with the Federation of Cambridge Residents' Associations (FeCRA) to achieve this. This is your chance to have your say. More info here. If you would like to submit your comments as part of a Transition Cambridge submission, please e-mail them to us, and we will invite you to a meeting where we combine people's comments and create a joint submission.

Events for your calendar

So that's all for this week - hope there's something to catch your interest, and as always, we'd love to hear your ideas for future projects and events!


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Transition Cambridge aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are more resilient in the face of rising energy prices and a changing climate.

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