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There's lots going on this week, including tree planting, a new Transition Taverns idea, and some opportunities to get involved with Transition Cambridge. Let us know your ideas!

Transition News and Events:

  • Planting Trumpington Community Orchard Hazel Platt
  • Transition Taverns
  • New Peak Oil publication
  • TV programme on Permaculture: "A Farm for the Future"
  • Help needed!
  • Transition Events Coming Up

Related events:

  • Talk on Sustainable Communities today

Transition News and Events

  • Planting Trumpington Community Orchard Hazel Platt

21st February 2009 11 am to 1 p.m. planting the trees and hedgerow at Hazel Platt (next to the Trumpington Community Orchard Project) Please do come and help plant the trees.

We will be planting Kentish Cobb, Cosford and Filberts (for hazel nuts) and standard Hazel (for coppising) and some English native hedgerow. Since transition town group came to help prepare the site in autumn 2009 the community service volunteers have done some more clearing of the perimeter of the site.

Bring strong boots, gloves you find comfortable and if you can please bring a SPADE or FORK if you can, otherwise tools and gloves will be provided. If we don't manage to finish all the work on site we will have another work day on 28th March 2pm - 4pm but please check with us if you plan to come then. The site is next to the Trumpington Community Orchard Project and can be reached by walking down the cycle path between 112 and 114 Foster Road Trumpington Cambridge CB2 9JP. For more information, contact Ceri or Dave J.

  • Transition Tavern idea

At a recent Transition Cafe, the idea was raised of running an awareness-raising event in a local pub. If this is successful, the format has the potential to be used in various pubs around the area. The core idea is to bring awareness of Transition issues to a broader audience in a familiar social environment.

The initial proposal is to: - find a sympathetic Host Landlord/lady in a pub likely to be a good venue - attempt to involve local producers (breweries, food producers) - along the theme of 'How might your local pub look if it supplied local produce?' - organise & publicise the Transition Tavern Event - on the evening, have a short presentation by Transition Cambridge, perhaps followed by a short film on Peak Oil (if AV equip. available). We would aim to hold everyone's attention for the talk (10 mins) whilst leaving people to watch the film if they chose. Further info available in the venue via leaflets/posters. - encourage continued discussion & further involvement - drink & make merry (in moderation, naturally).

The idea is in it's early stages and needs some serious work to knock it into shape. If anyone would be interested in being involved in developing the Transition Tavern idea please get in touch with Rob Beardwell

  • New Peak Oil publication

There is a new publication available on-line which was recently reviewed by Rob Hopkins in Permaculture Magazine: "Preparing for Peak Oil: Local authorities and the energy crisis", published by The Oil Depletion Analysis Centre & The Post Carbon Institute (2008, 42 pages). Free download:

  • TV programme on Permaculture: "A Farm for the Future"

BBC 2, 8pm Friday 20th February (repeated Sunday 22nd). The programme is part of the Natural World series and covers the basics of peak oil and permaculture.

Permaculture is one of the guiding principles of the Transition Towns movement. "It is an ecological design system that is inherently sustainable. It emphasises the importance of design, observation of nature and application of natural solutions. It is highly applicable in an urban context where most of the world's population live. Permaculture is based on a set of core ethics (fairshare, earthcare, peoplecare) and principles. The ethics stress the importance of 'stewardship' - looking after the earth and its inhabitants - making permaculture suited to addressing and minimising the impacts of peak oil." (from

For more information about permaculture, see the Permaculture Association web-site and Permaculture Magazine .

  • Help needed!

1. writing this bulletin... If you'd like to take a turn putting together these bulletins every few weeks, please be in touch - we'd very much appreciate the help! Please either reply to this e-mail or contact Anna or Jonathan_sedley Thanks!

2. with technical drawing... The Trumpington Allotment Society have an area of allotment land that has historically been used for keeping chickens. They are looking for help with making a technical drawing of the site to include in an application for a lottery grant to improve the site. If you can help, contact Ceri Galloway or . Goto TTFood.Chickentechnicaldrawing for more information.

3. Herbs for the CB1 herb garden If you have any spare herb plants, the new CB1 herb garden is in need of some - contact Charlotte Synge if you can help.

  • Transition Events Coming Up

18th Feb: Knitting Circle 18th Feb: Food group meeting 19th Feb: Transition Cafe 21 Feb: Tree planting at the hazel platt 22 Feb: Film: Money As Debt 2nd March: Grow Your Own Vegetables course starts 4th March: Food group meeting 5th March: Transition Cafe and Well-being Group meeting

For more information about all these events, see our web-site: or follow the links above.

Related Events

  • Talk on "Creating New and Sustainable Communities"

Tuesday 17th February, 5PM Seminars on Adaptation to Climate Change: Creating New and Sustainable Communities - Professor Peter Guthrie, Professor of Engineering for Sustainable Development, Cambridge; Fellow, St Edmund's College. Venue: St Edmund's College Garden Room, off Mount Pleasant (between Madingley Road and Castle Street)

That's all for this week - hope to see you at some of these events! Please keep sending in items for the bulletin, and let us know if you'd like to get involved!


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Transition Cambridge aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are more resilient in the face of rising energy prices and a changing climate.

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