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Exciting News

The library now has a physical home in the Cafe Project - just sign out books and borrow them for up to three weeks! Only some of these books are currently available there - we will update this list soon!

About the library

In time, we hope to have a full library of books, DVDs and other resources, perhaps hosted by the county library service, as has happened in Totnes (h). In the meantime, between us, we probably have a comprehensive collection covering topics such as peak oil and climate change, energy saving and other kinds of DIY eco-renovation, organic and low-input food growing, and guides to local shops and services and leisure activities, as well as classic texts by authors like James Lovelock and Eugene Schumacher.

Some of these may be out-of-print or expensive, so sharing is the only way of making sure that other people can benefit from them. Sharing also means we can build up a wider range of titles rather than multiple personal copies of the same book

Climate Change and Peak oil

Kyoto 2 (Oliver Tickell)NL
Heat (George Monbiot)NL
Six Degrees (Mark Lynas)NL
Half Gone (Jeremy Leggett)NL
Surviving the Century (ed. Herbert Girardet)NL
High Tide (Mark Lynas)CT
Sustainable Energy -without the hot air (David MacKay)NT

Localisation, food etc

So Shall We Reap (Colin Tudge)NL
Food Wars (Tim Lang and Michael Heasman)NL
Eat Your Heart Out (Felicity Lawrence)NL
The Gift of Good Land (Wendell Berry)NL
The Unsettling of America (Wendell Berry)NL
Another Turn of the Crank (Wendell Berry)NL
Farming and the Fate of Wild Nature (ed Daniel Imhoff)NL
Tescopoly (Andrew Simms)NL
Shopped (Joanna Blythman)CT

Eco-conversion/Self sufficiency

The Woodland Way (Ben Law)NL
Permaculture 2 (Bill Mollison)NL
The Self-sufficiency Specialist (A & G Bridgewater)NL
Converting to an Eco-friendly Home (Paul Hymers)NL
Saving energy in the home (Teach Yourself)NL
Eco-Renovation (Edward Harland)NL
The Concise Guide to Self-Sufficiency (John Seymour)NL
Self Reliance (John Yeoman)NL
Illustrated Building Pocket Book (Roxanna McDonald)CT
Carpentry and Joinery 3 (Brian Porter)CT
Household Hints (Hilary Davies)CT
When the rivers run dry (Fred Pearce)CT
Rubbish! (Richard Girling)CT


Walking close to the Cam and the Granta near CambridgeCT
On your bike CambridgeshireCT


Small is Beautiful (Schumacher)NL
The End of Nature (Bill McKibben)NL
Gaia (James Lovelock)NL
Silent Spring (Rachel Carson)NL

Library members

NLNick Langley
CTCatherine Terry
NTNicola Terry

Our Mission

Transition Cambridge aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are more resilient in the face of rising energy prices and a changing climate.

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