Election Question Time 28th April

Election Question Time 28th April

Nearly 200 people came to the election hustings we co-hosted with Cambridge University's Department of Geography on April 28th. All 6 parliamentary candidates were invited to express their views which were wide ranging.

From the left: Nick Hillman (Conservative), Martin Booth, (Trade unionist and socialist coalition), Tony Juniper (Green), Peter Reid (chairman), Daniel Zeichner (Labour), Peter Burkinshaw (UKIP), Julian Huppert, (Liberal Democrat)

The theme was What kind of Britain? - Visions of a sustainable economy - but seeing as almost everything we do has some environmental impact, the questions and answers covered a wide range of concerns. We had energy and food prices, whether or not the supermarkets need more regulation and funding for education and tuition fees. We had inequality and how to reduce it, and how to measure wellbeing as an alternative index to GNP.

Julian Huppert, (Liberal Democrat) said several times he agreed with Tony Juniper (Green) but somehow there was always a 'but' to follow. That's politics for you. In transition we welcome diversity, which is just as well.

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