Resilience Webs for Norwich, Durham and York

Cambridge Resilience Web has expanded, and the Resilience Web platform is now available for everyone to use to create a web for their place (city/town/village/area etc). Just this weekend the Norwich Resilience Web went live, and there are already webs for Durham and York too. We'd love to support the creation of webs for Ely, Saffron Waldon, St Ives and other nearby places - if you live in these places and would like to help, please get in touch! Email Anna here. And if you haven't already had a look round the Cambridge Resilience Web, do take a look! More...
Source: Resilience Web 13 May 2024

Transition Together consultation in support of future funding

Transition Together (the UK Transition network of groups) need our input to help secure future resources for the Transition movement in the UK: "With our current funding coming to an end in March 2025, we are working hard to demonstrate how Transition groups are having a positive impact on their communities and to tell a powerful collective story of how our movement - with the right resources - can continue to help communities solve problems, lead change and make things better in real, tangible ways. Hearing from Transition groups was vital to secure funding from the National Lottery Community Fund four years ago and has guided our work throughout. Now we need to hear from you again to make a strong bid for continuing and building on the work we've started. Here's how you can help: take our survey (both individuals and groups can feed back); and/or join our Movement Consultation Events on 22 May and 12 June (anyone involved in Transition is welcome to take part). We know everyone is busy and pressed - and really appreciate you taking the time to contribute. We also know that together, we are doing great things - and that we have only just begun, and if we can secure the right support, together we can do so much more." We (Transition Cambridge) have received several small and medium grants through Transition Together over the last few years, so please do fill in their survey/attend their event if you are able. Thanks! More...
Source: Transition Together 12 May 2024

Adding locations into the Resilience Web? Tell us your ideas

The Resilience We is a directory that lists groups and organisations that work on climate change, environmental issues, sustainability and social justice. There are currently two ways of viewing organisations, as a list and as a dynamic web with groups divided into categories (see here - you can toggle between the views at the top - the web view works best on larger screens). A few people have asked about mapping the geographical locations of groups on a map, and we are beginning to explore what this might look like and how people would like to use that kind of feature. We'd be really interested to hear your ideas - here is a brief survey. We'd be really grateful if you could take the time to fill it in (or just write us an email). As ever, we are also keen to create new Resilience Webs for new places, so if you'd like to create a web for your town/village/area/city, please do get in touch. Thanks! More...
Source: Resilience Web, an offshoot of Transition Cambridge 12 May 2024

Our Mission

Transition Cambridge aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are more resilient in the face of rising energy prices and a changing climate.

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