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Transition Cambridge aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are more resilient in the face of rising energy prices and a changing climate.

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Covid-19 announcement from Cropshare

For the moment we will not run volunteer sessions on the farm, but will hope to organise some sessions later in the year, where we can make sure volunteers can work at a safe distance outside, and have in place precautionary measures to ensure those of you that choose to come out and help grow food are as safe as possible. Thanks so much to those who have offered help recently. We will be in touch as soon as possible when we schedule the next farm volunteer day on this email list.

Meanwhile, crops are being planted and growing on as usual! Take care and hope that you have the opportunity to farm from home, either in your garden or windowbox. Please feel free to share with us any pics of your farming from home on Facebook or Twitter! More...
Source: Cropshare 01 Apr 2020
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Upcoming events

Wednesday 17th June: Cafe: Doughnut Economics

online 19:00-20:30 add to google calendar
Doughnut Economics

Transition demands a fresh narrative for our economic life. Oxford economist Kate Raworth has offered the Doughnut model for our enlightenment and Martin Roach will lead a discussion on how we could apply this in the Cambridge context.

Since the neo-liberal narrative is so powerful and deeply rooted in western economies it is helpful to know that change is afoot at a high level. The Wellbeing Economy Governments (WeGo) are questioning the wisdom of growth culture and this ten minute TED talk by Nicola Sturgeon sets the scene for our Cafe evening. There is no obligation to watch the video but it can provide a helpful perspective.

This is a free event. It is part of the monthly Cafe night series. For the moment all events are online.
Source: Transition Cambridge

Thursday 18th June: Energy Group - energy systems ** DATECHANGE ***

ONLINE 20:00-22:00 add to google calendar
This meeting will be about energy systems: how they have changed already and what is likely to happen next. Where does our electricity come from now, compared to a few years ago, What will happen next? Do we still need gas for peaking plants? How can we benefit from and participate in these changes?

We will conduct this meeting online using Webex software. All are welcome. Contact Nicola for the link to join the meeting.

NB. We have **changed the date** to avoid a clash with the cafe. We are sorry if that has caused inconvenience. More...
Source: Transition Cambridge Energy Group

Wednesday 8th July: Transition Cafe Evening - Embracing Emotions for True Transition - Going Forth

The Waterman Pub (The Potting Shed in the back of the pub), 32 Chesterton Road, Cambridge, CB4 3AX 19:00-21:00 add to google calendar
This final workshop in the series explores emotional responses to the climate and biosphere crisis. Participants can expect a variety of experiences including meditation, pair work, group work, role play, and ultimately the opportunity to connect, release and fundamentally embrace emotions both joyful and painful. This can help galvanise action by first accepting pain and fear in spite of the overwhelming change the world is facing. The work is inspired by environmental activists and eco-psychologists Joanna Macy and Ro Randall.

Booking is free but places are limited.

When attending please be aware that the workshop may bring up difficult emotions. The space is a confidential space: all participants attend with commitment to respecting this agreement.

Transition Cafe is a monthly event series with lively conversations, talks, films, workshops and presentations about all the things we're passionate about to build a great community in our city.
Source: Transition Cambridge
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