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What is a heat pump

What is an air source heat pump

How big is it and what does it look like? Where will it go?

How noisy is it?

What is an exhaust air heat pump

What sort of maintenance does it need?

Can I DIY it (the maintenance)?

What is a ground source heat pump

How much ground space does it need?

mention access needed - big equipment?

How big will the pump be?

Where should I put it?

Does it make a noise?

What sort of maintenance does it need?

Can I DIY it (the maintenance)?

Is any house suitable - do I need to do anything first?

mention insulate first!

Does it need planning permission?

Where does the energy come from?

Will my garden get more frost?

Will it heat my water too?

Do I have to have a new hot water tank?

Can it work with my existing heating system? Do I need new radiators?

(low T so better with underfloor, ecovector? (http://www.smiths-env.com/products_view.asp?productid=6) ...) guide says better if house has high thermal mass - why?

What does COP mean?

What COP can I expect?

How hot will my water be?

What if the weather is really cold? - Will it freeze up?

How much will it cost to install?

Are there any grants available

How much money will I save?

How much will I earn through the RHI?

What do I have to do to earn money through the RHI?

How much carbon will it save?

Can I use it for cooling too?

If I ask for a quote from a company, what should I look out for?

How long will it last?

How long should it be guaranteed for?

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