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This is a typical residential street in Cambridge. Can you imagine what it would be like if there were just a few cars for shared use and the rest of the space was available for trees and greenery, bike parking, children playing ... What would you do with that space?

User experiences

What do people who use car clubs say about them?

Why do people join a car club?

  • Less hassle than owning a car
  • Can choose a different sort of car depending on what you need for each trip
  • Save money

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Why Clean Wheels?

Our intention is to promote the development of clean car clubs in Cambridge as key element of sustainable mobility.

Clean means plug-in electric vehicles that create no tailpipe emissions on local journeys. Pure electric cars have no tail pipe at all and can run on electricity from renewable sources. Hybrid cars use fossil fuels for longer journeys but can still be clean and silent around town. Car clubs are able to offer their members the benefits of these advanced technologies without the costs and hassle of car ownership.

Typically a private car stands idle for 96% of its life. That's a lot of capital going to waste. City streets are choked with parked vehicles making them hazardous, unfriendly places to be. In contrast, cars that are shared by the community can be busy more of the time so fewer are needed and the cost per mile comes down. Less parking, less clutter, more choice.

A club providing clean cars (or vans or bikes) offers tomorrow's technology today at a sensible price. Users benefit, communities make space for each other and society says goodbye to fossil fuels. This is the age of sharing, building a better future together.

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