Transition Café

All cafe events are advertised in the weekly newsletter and on our events pages. We'll use this page to keep track of events that haven't yet made it onto the events page, just to make sure we don't double book!

If you have an idea for a cafe evening - eg a skill that you'd be willing to share, an idea for something you'd like to learn or a great film you'd like us to show get in touch and we'll see what we can arrange.

The regular slot for Transition Cafe is the first Thursday of the month at CB1 cafe in Mill Road - we usually start at 7.30 and finish by 9.00. From time to time, we may do occasional 'Cafe specials' if there's something unmissable on another date...

Future dates for 2014 are 1 May and 5 June. 3 July is 'The joys and challenges of long-distance cycling.'

Future topics

Permaculture design, permaculture projects

Transition around the world

Community energy projects

Solutions to transport dilemmas


How to make your garden more productive

Previous events

Transition Cafe has been in CB1 for over a year now, and has hosted some very exciting and popular events. Here are some of the best of the lot:

Currencies with Stephen Lawrence - local or otherwise, how they work

Savings and investment for a time of uncertainty - discussion

Greeniversity with Ian Tennant - low-carbon skill sharing

Food Sovereignty - showing of 'Growing Change' film + discussion

How to save energy at home

Film: 'A Convenient Truth - Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil'

Why does politics matter to Transition? with Phil Callaghan

All about seeds and seed-sharing with Ceri

Off-grid renewable energy systems with Andy Rankin

Co-housing - short presentation on cohousing and K1 project

Eating local project with Ann Mitchell and Helen Karapandzic

Film: 'The Power of Community' - about the Cuban economic collapse and recovery

Film: 'Seeds of Freedom' - why seed sovereignty is important, and how it is under threat

Waste-free Christmas with Jade Cawthray - how to celebrate the festive season without generating loads of rubbish!

Christmas party!

Pictures from the old transition cafe in the cafe project (now closed)

Thanks to James for taking these photos during the seed swap in the cafe!

Our Mission

Transition Cambridge aims to help Cambridge make the transition to ways of life that are more resilient in the face of rising energy prices and a changing climate.

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