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Please fill in the form below and click on 'Fetch Advice' to receive a personal checklist with suggestions for how to save energy in your home. The advice also includes information about grants specific to the Cambridge area as well as those nationally available and it lists some builders, suppliers and architects that have been involved in energy saving retrofits in this area. Some of them have been involved in projects you can see through Open Eco Homes.

To fill in the form, just click in the boxes to enter yes/no or click the options that apply to you. You do not need to answer all the questions. If you have allowed your browser to keep a cookie for this page then you can come back later on and carry on where you left off. We will not save any of the information you give us on our server.

This tool has evolved from materials originally developed from the Cambridge Carbon Footprint Climate Friendly Homes project. Thanks to CCF for letting us use this material.

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If your home is listed or in a conservation area, then there may be restrictions on changes you can make.

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