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Next meeting: Thursday 23rd March at 8pm at Margaret's house. Main topic will be solar panels - what have we learned from our experiences? Is it worth upgrading them? Is it worthwhile to add battery storage?

Latest News and events

What are we doing to save energy and carbon emissions?

You can read suggestions from some Energy Group members here. Suggestions are ordered by cost - three of them are less than 100.

Advice on keeping cool in the summer

Read out latest fact sheet: how to keep cool in the summer time. From keeping windows closed in the summer time, to DIY awnings, and ice packs for the head.

All about embodied energy

Nicola has written an overview of embodied energy/carbon issues including how you measure it and what are the implications. For example, in some cases (like conventional cars) operational energy dominates, in other cases manufacturing or materials (like carpets). In other cases both are important. The report includes comments issues raised in our discussion on the topic. Read it on her website here

All about the circular economy

Nicola has written an overview of the circular economy and what we can do to promote it. (e.g. get your stuff mended professionally, consider renting rather than buying stuff). This includes comments issues raised in our discussion on the topic. Read it on her website here

New Energy Saving Personal Checklist

The Energy Group now have a tool to give you a personalised checklist with ideas to help you save energy. The checklist links into our existing advice web pages and other resources. This survey and checklist was developed starting from Cambridge Carbon Footprint's Climate Friendly Homes materials so thanks to CCF for letting us use them. We would really like your feedback so please fill in the feedback form after you have looked at your checklist.

Help Wanted

Please email us if you would like to help or contribute your ideas, whether or not you can come to meetings.

At the moment we are particularly looking for assistance with:

  • Authoring FAQ pages and fact sheets, both writing the answers and writing the questions so you don't have to be an expert to help. Some ideas for more:, heritage buildings ...

By the way, Nicola's thermographic pictures of houses in Cambridge are still here.